Our Services

SilverSun Studios is specialized in creation and development for all kinds of games. Our highly-qualified team covers everything from setting, coding, game engine and design to final bug fixing and patches releases. This means our customers only need to have a rough idea about what they want and we will get if off the ground. Be it concepts, graphics, source code or complex backend tools — all these stages are essential to create unique products turning them into comprehensible and involving entertainment. Only the conjunction of all components makes even the simplest game a memorable experience.

Game Development

Our range of development devices is designed to give you early access to the technology that will power the games of tomorrow, allowing you to have apps and components that will surely have no peers. Our hardware offerings let harness its full functionality in the product development efforts. Our software solutions help getting the most out of the processors, meaning we can develop all kinds of games.
At times our partners need help to develop their games or vice versa, and we can assign team members to co-develop games and share in the success.
Our games are available on all devices and run on iOS, Android and Windows OS.

Game Porting & Revamping

On top of full game development work, SilverSun Studios' team is able to port any existing game to any platform we currently support.
Unlike a lot of companies which are doing straight ports, our dedicated team will tailor the game experience, tweak the controls, modify art assets and add the necessary content to fit the targeted platform and market to create the best port possible.

If you want your games to stand out from the crowd, then you are at the right place. We offer unique solutions based on the client’s requests. Over the last few years we have produced more than 200 high quality games that are played both for real money and for fun. We create stunning graphics that makes players always crave for more.

Concept Art

SilverSun Studios makes top-quality concept art and illustration creating anything from characters to machines or environments, from sci-fi through contemporary to fantasy, from cartoonish to industrial or photo-realistic. We provide 2d and 3d concepts, and also make 3d sculpting.

3D Animatic

Just as important as storyboarding, visualization gets a great deal of attention at our studio. To prepare all the elements by the creation of a 3D animatics properly gives us a solid base for the whole work.

Games Variety

Casual games need to be both phenomenally creative and visually stunning in order to create a proper buzz. We develop and design awesome games with the right wit and fun graphics so that the games get worthy recognition.
Whether this is about slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, or baccarat our team of experienced professionals create the unique games. If you are looking for realistic 3D roulette with simulations based on real physics or any ways to pimp-out your poker game, we are here to help you.
Furthermore, SilverSun Studios develops games available on social networks. We have designed the game that is played by more than 10 million players worldwide and will not settle on it as we are ready to conquer new peaks.
Intuitive user interfaces and eye-appealing graphics make our Smartphone games and applications stand out from the crowd. This is where we kick-in. Our outstanding developers together with designers and animators work on the creation of user experiences that will be both luscious and intuitive.


We have a strong background in both CG and live-action compositing, including keying and rotoscoping, wire removal and other cleanup, set extension and matchmoving. We also provide on-set supervision and grading if needed.